Collected more than 57 million euros

Since April 2014, when they started working, bailiffs received a total of about 115,000 cases and solved a third, the Ministry of Justice announced.

About 11.5 thousand cases with pending settlement in installments should be added to this number.

“It accounts for 20 percent of the total number of pending cases, which after settlement of the annuity will significantly affect the increase in the total number of cases resolved”, ut was stated from the department.

Bailiffs have successfully implemented the proceedings in nearly 19 thousand cases with more than 57 million euros collected. It was stated that the percentage of collection was 20.77 percent of the total receivables amounted to 287,35 million.

The average length of proceedings in all cases was about 75 days.

“In cases where complaint was not lodged, the average length of proceedings is 56 days, while in cases in which the complaint was lodged 95 days”, according to an analysis on the efficiency of the enforcement system.

It was stressed that there is a large differences in the number of cases between the bailiffs, particularly in Podgorica, Niksic, Berane and Herceg Novi, where enforcement creditors are legal entities-public companies which obviously submitt execution proposals only to certain bailiffs.

“This leads to their working overload which results in delays in proceedings”, says the Ministry of Justice.

Bailiffs started operating on 7 April 2014, when 13 of them was appointed. Eight were operational at the end of last year and the remaining eight in early 2015.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro