Collecting signatures: DF claims it will finish it in one hour

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Political parties that are preparing for election on 16th of October have no doubt that they will collect 4.100 signatures by then, which they need in order to participate in parliamentary elections under the Law for election of parliament members.

According to the current Law for election of parliament members, parties, coalitions and groups of citizens that want to compete on elections prevously have to gather 0.8 percent of support which is in Montenegro around 4.100 signatures.

Parliament memberf from Democrats Neven Gosovic said that his party in short time has built a very strong infrastructure, and that is a year and a half working intensively on the field.

That they will have enough signatures, civic movement URA has no doubts as well, vice president of the movement Dritan Abazpovic said that this is not a problem for them.

When it comes to DF, Milan Knezevic said that they will gather the necessary 4.100 signatures in record time.

“As far as we’re concerned, we didn’t have problems with the previous or this norm. I have no dilemma that DF will provide this number of signatures in less than an hour”, concluded Knezevic.

Jonica: Signatures are routine for SNP

Norm which requested for signatures of support to be gathered in front of the City election commission shouldn’t have been cancelled, because those signatures had full and unquestionable legitimacy, said parliament member from SNP Snezana Jonica.

When it comes to SNP, Jonica said that the party has a strong and very organized party infrastructureand that collecting signatures is a routine work for them.

Milosevic: This is a test for our voters

“Democratic party of socialists will collect a certain amount of signatures and decide how many we will submit to National election commission. This is a continuous work for us which has never been a problem. On the contrary, this is another test for our voters where we confirm the support of our party”, said Milosevic to Pobjeda.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro