Collection in April increased for 8%

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Tax Administration (PU) generated in April a total gross collection of taxes and contributions in the amount of 72.95 million euros, which is eight percent more than in the same period last year.

PU has announced that four percent more was charged than it was planned for April.

Collection growth trend was recorded for all revenues. Collection of corporate income tax with a total of 6.41million in the gross amount, which is almost 50 percent more than in the same period last year and the collection plan for this type of revenue for April, stands out in the collection structure”, the statement said.

Of particularly importance is information on the collection of value added tax which amounted to 12.38 million euros, or 16 percent over the realization in April last year, or 1.5 million or 13 percent above the collection plan for April.

“Intensive activities, which include synergic operations of all services in PU – from services to inspection and enforcement, will be resumed in the coming period for the collection of current obligations, but also the reduction of the level of tax arrears that make the tax debt,” it was said from the PU.

It was added that the Tax Administration continuously makes efforts and invests significant financial resources for the improvement of relations with taxpayers and modernization of business processes. A whole range of e-services for submission of various forms, tax applications and financial statements electronically was so far introduced, among other things.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro