Company Kopirajt paying back 2 and a half million euros to municipality of Budva

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Special public prosecutor signed a new agreement for confession of guilt with company “Kopirajt” and its executive director Aleksandar Armenko. Dnevne newspaper learned that the agreement has already been made and it includes that company “Kopirajt” must repay the damage of two and a half milion euros it had made to municipality of Budva. Unofficially, the damage will not be covered by Armenko, but by Marko Kentera, founder of this company who was involved in the case as a witness.

Case “Kopirajt” is one of many corruption affairs linked with former heads of Budva municipality, including the main suspect Svetozar Marovic, who is currently negotiating with the Prosecution office about the terms of his confession.

This criminal activity was done based on the contract for touristic valorization of the cultural heritage of Budva. Financial debt of 813.683 euros misteriously increased to more than 3.2 million euros, and it is believed that the difference of more than 2.5 million euros is what municipality of Budva has been damaged for. Dubious contract was signed on 5th of August in 2009, and a year later the settlement was agreed upon in Commercial court under which the municipality of Budva had to pay 3.256.457 euros to “Kopirajt”.

That contract was signed by Rajko Kuljaca who was the mayor of Budva at the time, and “Kopirajt” was supposed to provide souvenirs, magnets and cultural monuments replicas for the Municipality, no later than 1st of April each year until the contract expires. Under this contract, Budva was supposed to pay 813.683 euros by 1st of April 2013 in eight installments to “Kopirajt” company. However, a year after the contract was signed the case went to court, where the city accepted to pay 3.256.457 euros to Kentera’s company in six installments. At the beginning of 2011, Lazar Radjenovic who was the mayor at the time, signed a new contract that defined new deadlines for repaying the debt accepted by the city earlier.

Confessions by Armenko and Kentera are a confirmation that they are aware of the advantages of pleading guilty. In previous months, settlements with the Prosecution office were also made by former mayor of Budva Lazar Radjenovic, a suspect in total of five cases, as well as Milos Marovic, son of Svetozar Marovic, who is also negotiating his confession these days.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro