Competition for Director of TVCG cancelled

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Competition for Director of Television of Montenegro was canceled today.

The competition provides that a candidate, as a requirement that must be fulfilled when applying, has to have at least a university degree, it was stated in the reasons for canceling that competition.

“Article 50 of the Law on the national public broadcaster of Radio and Television of Montenegro provides that a person who is appointed as Director of Television of Montenegro has at least a university degree. However, the Ordinance on internal organization and job classification – Table of systematization of jobs at JP RTCG no. 01-4818-16 of 07.29.2016. for the position of Director of the PJ Television of Montenegro, provides the qualifications of level VII in the VII 1 sub-level (240 credits of MCTS (Montenegrin Credit Transfer System)), in connection with which degree of qualifications, by the provision of Article 27 of the Law on the National Qualifications Framework, was provided that the level of higher education-Specialist (MCTS 240) is equivalent to VII 1 sublevel of qualifications,” it was stated in the explanation.

As the VI level of qualifications was also considered higher education, in accordance with the cited provision of the law, it was added that in this state of affairs the present competition had to be cancelled, “since it does not contain a precisely defined condition that the candidate must meet to be appointed director of TVCG regarding the degree of qualifications”.

We remind that Caslav Vujotic, Marko Milacic, Mladen Djuretic, Andrijana Kadija, Dragan Cvijovic, Sabrija Vulic and Sonja Drobac applied for the position.

New competition for director of TVCG will soon be announced.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro