Complaint against the DF deputies President of the Assembly, Darko Pajovic

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As explained, the application shall be filed against the deputies who had with “their inappropriate and improper behavior at the Assembly session of 4 July, ruined the reputation of Parliament and violated the Code of Ethics of deputies”.

In the meantime, the Vice-President of the Committee for Human Rights, Ljiljana Djuraskovic, assessed that Pajovic’s complaint was unfounded.

“Given the fact that the relevant incident took place at a time when the session of the Montenegrin Parliament was interrupted, on a break, the complaint of Darko Pajovic, the President of the Assembly is considered unfounded, and therefore rejected. Moreover, its selective approach and attitude to the participants of the incident, accusing only deputies of the DF, and not the main initiators, suggests that this is another attempt to deal with MPs of DF, the only real opposition in the Parliament,” says Djuraskovic.

On the other hand, Pajovic says that the application is filed against the deputies of DF due to the use of words, phrases, or their synonyms, which belittle others and offend their dignity, promote hatred, intolerance and violence, and behavior contrary to the principles of professional ethics and general culture.

“In case the meeting of the Committee for human rights and freedoms to discuss the complaint is not scheduled as soon as possible, the Committee will, in accordance with the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament of Montenegro, be convened by the President of the Parliament,” says in the statement from the Pajovic’s Cabinet.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro