Conditions for NATO invitation are created

Montenegrin Foreign Minister Igor Luksic said that he was sure that the conditions for sending an invitation to Montenegro for NATO membership in December are created.

Members of the North Atlantic Council (NAC), the most important body of the Alliance, will arrive today in the first official visit to Montenegro.

Ambassadors of 28 NATO member countries and Stoltenberg will held joint sessions of the Council with top Montenegrin officials, as well as with representatives of parliamentary parties.

“I’m sure the conditions were made for member states to sent an invitation in December for membership of Montenegro”, Luksic told Reuters.

The news agency notes that these meetings will be the last signals from the Alliance on the eve of the decision to invite Montenegro. It also notes that the reception of our country into NATO would be the first expansion of the alliance in the Balkans since 2009, when Croatia and Albania became members.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro