Confiscated 11 kg of skunk

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Montenegrin police and customs officers seized 11 kilograms of skunk at the border crossing Ilino Brdo.

Skunk was allegedly hidden in a vehicle with Podgorica license plates, driven by M. U. (38) from Podgorica, who was arrested on suspicion of intended smuggling of skunk across the border for further dealing.

“By searching the vehicle police and customs officers discovered 11 packages that were hidden in the vehicle interior, the upholstery in the back of the vehicle, which contained dark green substance suspected to be skunk cannabis ” it is said in the statement.

The suspects, drugs and vehicle were handed over to police officers of the Anti-Narcotics Department for further action.

“The criminal investigation conducted by the police officers of this Department indicates that the skunk was intended for smuggling across the borders and sale in neighboring countries. The suspect M. U. was brought before the state prosecutor at the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office in Podgorica with criminal charges, because there is reasonable doubt that he committed the criminal offense of unauthorized production, possession and distribution of narcotics. Skunk will be referred to the Forensic center for expertise, ” it is said in the statement.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro