Conflict of interest and false records delay the construction of cable car in Kolasin

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Directorate for public works and Ministry of sustainable development and tourism, which ordered a tender for construction of the cable car in Kolasin, broke the rules of this process, wrongly determined the facts and wrongly applied the material law during the evaluation of the received offers, it was stated in the complaint of the consortium GH Holding.

This consortium which consists of Slovenian GH Holding, Italian Leitner and Intermost from Podgorica, filed a complaint regarding the choice of the best offer for building a six seat cable car at location Kolasin 1600, it was reported by Dnevne newspaper.

Their offer was denied with justification that Italian Leitner didn’t file the required tax forms within the prescribed deadline, while GD Holding claims that they have submitted everything that was requested.

While commenting the wiining offer, representatives of GD Holding emphasized that there is a conflict of interest since the lawyer of Austrian company Andrea Kocovski already did business with a member of the Commission for evaluation of offers Velibor Goranovic.

“Those two have every right to socialize and do business together as much as they want, but they have no right to be the part of the investment that will cost Montenegrin citizens money and treat it as a personal deal”, it was stated in the complaint.

Slovenian company and its partners also complained that the leading member of the winning consortium Ratimir Saveljic is already hired as a leading officer of a construction project in Herceg Novi, so this means that he has contracts with two companies in two cities of 40 hours per week, so it remains unclear how he will manage to devote time to the construcion of the cable car in Kolasin.

It remains unknown when will the decision on the comlaint be made, but until then the project has been put on hold.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro