Consensus not needed for decisions

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Deputy Prime Minister, Azra Jasavic, said that there is no obligation in the lex specialis according to which the decisions must be made by consensus at the sessions of the Government of Montenegro.

During talks on the proposal for a new contract with the A2A the opposition ministers demanded that decision is to be made by consensus in the Government, stating that such an obligation is stipulated by political agreement on a fair and free elections, i.e. lex specialis.

Jasavic, however, denies this.

“Lex specialis does not have an article which defines the way decisions are made at government sessions. The agreement on a fair and fair elections only stipulates that all acts of the Privatization Council must be approved by consensus in the government, in the period up to constitution of government after the elections “Jasavic said.

According to her, the draft law on the implementation of the Agreement on creation of conditions for free and fair elections (Lex specialis) determines persons who would perform certain functions in certain ministries and other government authorities, fund, and the institution founded by the state, as well as engaging persons in the company founded by the local government and the local government body in charge of finance, as well as the authorities of nominated and contracted individuals.

“So there is no an article of Lex specialis which obliges the government to make decisions by consensus,” Jasavic said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro