Consistent in fighting for MNE

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The Social Democratic Party of Montenegro is a party of consistent and professional people who are dedicated to Montenegro and its interests, SD vice president Damir Sehovic said.

At the press conference Sehovic announced that the SD slogan for the following elections will be ‘’Consitent’’

“We have consistent people and program. We are the party of professional, proven and consistent people who are dedicated to Montenegro and its interests. While others argue we are dealing with life issues,” Sehovic said .

He pointed out that the SD is consistent in fighting for Montenegro and its values.

“Despite the progress, Montenegro has to change. But, it should not crumble under the pretext of changes. Others were ready to pull it down and throw away all that we have created. The third side had been faithful to its millions and, in order to preserve them, joined those who what to destroy Montenegro, “said Sehovic.

He added that the SD is the party with the aim to build the country of total social justice.

“Montenegro has survived thanks to the principles of justice, freedom and equality. Young people should be allowed to work and to have a decent living,” Sehovic said.

He believes that the SD will be the most pleasant surprise in the elections, noting that they earned more than 10 per cent support of Tivat citizens in the local elections.

Asked why voters should choose them rather than the Democratic Party of Socialists, Šehović announced that SD has progarm has similatities with the DPS but, still, there are also some differences, especially in the economy field.

“We will show that in this area, we are different from all others. We believe that citizens will show their confidence in us because of that,” Šehović said.

He added that the electoral list will be determined at today’s session of the Presidency and the Main Board of the party and, it will be submitted by the end of the week.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro