Constitutional Court disputed 90 Laws



The Constitutional Court, disputed 90 Laws in the last two years, the president of the court, Desanka Lopičić said.

Stating that in the process of further development of Montenegro as an independent, democratic and the state of social justice, the Constitutional Court has a very important and responsible role to ensure that European values and European standards are incorporated in the domestic legal system, Lopičić said that the practice of that institution, for several years, is marked by the current social and political situation.

“And that, in relation to the Constitutional Court, is expressed in disputing the large number of laws adopted by the Assembly. In the last two years, the Constitutional Court has disputed 90 laws. The number of laws that are disputed indicates the absence of a broader political consensus during their adoption. Let me remind you on the position of the European Court, that pluralism and democracy must be based on the work and spirit of compromise in order to maintain and improve the ideals and values of a democratic society, “said Lopicic for daily Pobjeda.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro