Constitutive session of Parliament

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Constitutive session of Montenegrin Parliament will be held on Monday, November 7th, website of the Parliament published.

The agenda will include the State Election Committee’s Report on the parliamentary elections results, after which deputies will elect the president of the parliament. Apart of these items, deputies will also elect vice presidents of the parliament as well as members of the Administrative Board.

The session will be held at Cetinje. In the new composition Parliament will consist of 81 deputies. constitutive session was summoned by outgoing president of the Parliament Darko Pajovic, and will be chaired by the oldest deputy.

According to the final results of the elections held on 16 October, the Democratic Party of Socialists got 36 mandates, the Democratic Front 18, the Grand Coalition Key nine, Democrats eight, the Social Democratic Party four. The Social Democrats and the Bosniak Party will have two representatives, while coalition of Albanians Resolutely and Croatian Civil Initiative one deputy each.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro