Constructive approach leads to the best practice

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Seventh Festival of Investment and Real Estate FREI 2016 will begin tomorrow in Hotel Maestral and will last until May 12th. Director General of Directorate for Spatial Planning Dragana Čenić said that the Festival entails many different subjects on investments, real estate and tourism. She expects many guests from the whole region and very interesting discussions.

First lecture will be on subject “Homogenization of development factors in tourism” by Minister Branimir Gvozdenović. Christian Posa, Hungarian ambassador will take part, as well as Ioannis Markogiannis, representative of Adriatic Properties, that is general sponsor of FREI 2016. Prime Minister will also visit the event. Lectures will also be given by Armando Peres (OECD), Ben Martin (AECOM Economics) and Dejan Ljevnaić (Serbia Ski).

FREI is multidisciplinary manifestation, focused on development of investments in real estate, with focus on tourism. Target group is made of investors and commercial companies in real estate sector, representatives of state and public administration, representatives of international institutions, and expert public. The gathering is held under sponsorship of Prime Minister Milo Đukanović in partnership with Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism. More than 300 participants from the region are expected.

Dragana Čenić explained the significance of FREI.

“I would like to say that we are very proud at the fact that respected companies and foreign experts visit Montenegro and FREI seven years in a row. This speaks of Festival’s quality and significance. The program entails different subjects on investments, real estate and tourism. I expect many guests from the region and interesting discussions. Anyone interested can visit where they can see the progam and all the news about this year’s events”, she said.

Čenić will be moderator in one of the discussions. The subjects is interesting for Montenegrin public, because it concerns sustainable strategic planning in valorization of potentials at Montenegrin coast – Spatial Plan of Special Intent for Coastal Area.

One of the participators in FREI is Anka Mrak Taritaš, President of Committee for Spatial Planning of Croatian Sabor, who will tell us how does Croatia deal with these issues.

Ružica Herceg from company Horwath HTL, Branislav Gregović, President of Committee for Spatial Planning and Slobodan Bobo Mitrović, architect, will also take part.

“I think that the participators are well qualified to speak on these subjects and I think this discussion will garner a lot interest at this year’s FREI. The goal of the Ministry is to use this type of transparent manner to discuss all the elements of this significant planning document. We all agree that the space needs to be to protected. The subject is not simple, but I think that the constructive approach to a solution based on sustainable development principle is a good road. This is only one of the subjects at FREI, and I am sure that professionals from the real estate world will find many other interesting topics to cure their curiosity”, she said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro