Control of state funds requirement of fair elections

Leader of Positive Montenegro Darko Pajovic said that without the application of electoral legislation and control of the flow of state money a fair and democratic elections could not be expected.

Pajovic also met with Dirk Lange, Head of Unit for Montenegro in the Directorate General for the European Neighbourhood Policy and the enlargement negotiations, and on that occasion they discussed the current political situation and the beginning of the parliamentary activities of the Working Group of the parliamentary dialogue, which is responsible for the preparation of free and fair elections.

On that occasion Pajovic stressed that ‘’Positive Montenegro’’ will give maximum contribution so that discussions between parliamentary parties could be successful.

Pajovic said that many abuses of state resources for party purposes by the ruling DPS-SDP coalition was discovered and documented in the previous period.

“This is a crucial problem that must be solved in order to have a good and fair atmosphere for the elections. This is an opportunity that all the responsible parliamentary entities should be aware of. If there is political will, we will provide the appropriate model which will prevent further misuse of state resources for party purposes and provide citizens with free elections”, said Pajovic.

President of ‘’Positive’’ considers that it should be the concern of all political parties and the entire society. He reiterated his objections to EU’s active participation in political dialogue and said that politicians and political parties themselves should fight for free elections and democratic change of government. He also welcomed the interest of the EU for the course and outcome of the ongoing political dialogue.

The meeting was also attended by the Ambassador Mitja Drobnic, Head of EU with the associates and spokesman of ‘’Positive’’ Natasa Gojkovic.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro