Corruption threatens the economy

Corruption destroys the economic and social substance of state and transparency is the most effective tool in the fight against this phenomenon, it was assesed at the 8th National Anti-Corruption Conference organized by the Network for Affirmation of Non-governmental Sector (MANS).

Finance Minister Radoje Zugic said that the consequences of corruption seriously threaten the economic system of the country because, in addition to the negative impact on entrepreneurship and competitiveness, it also indirectly affects the reduction of investment.

“Corruption is a factor which destroys the economic and social substance of each country. Therefore, the comprehensive fight against corruption is a condition without which the state can not declare itself as a democratic, nor can expect economic and social prosperity”, said Zugic.

According to him, for Montenegro as a candidate for accession to the EU, the fight against corruption is an even greater challenge, because its efficiency is monitored and evaluated in the accession process. Žugić said that corruption is not a taboo topic in Montenegro, stating that studies indicate that citizens believe that corruption is widespread in the country.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro