CPC: Ostrog owned by foreigners

The Montenegrin Orthodox Church (CPC) filed a criminal complaint yesterday to the Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office against unknown officials in the Department of Real Estate from Danilovgrad because, as claimed, they have entered the Lower and Upper Ostrog Monastery to the property of Metropolinate of Montenegro and Littoral, contrary to the Law on State Survey.

Vice President of the Council of CPC Stevo Vucinic said that possesion registration sheets in the cadastral municipality Medjedja one, real estate folio 181, stating that 17.35 thousand square meters of meadows and 122 square meters of co-owned living space were registered on 23 March 2005 to Ostrog Monastery as a legal entity with the registration number 0000002095491, were submitted as evidence.

“In the cadastral municipality Vrela, in the real estate folio number 53, 48 m² of living space and 51 776 m² of meadows were registered on 4 November 2007. Therefore, in both possesion registration sheets, Ostrog Monastery was registered as a legal entity with its own identification number, which in terms of ownership subjects it to the state or Danilovgrad municipality. But in the possesion registration sheet 53 of the cadastral municipality Vrela, without the date of registration, 3,202 m² of the real estate of Upper and Lower Ostrog Monastery and 1,217,721 m² of its meadows, forests and pastures were registered to the Cetinje branch of the Belgrade Patriarchate with the registration number 0000002246414. Obviously, after the referendum on independence, more than a square kilometer of national territory and the Monastery itself became the property of a foreign legal entity whose purpose of existence and operation is the downfall of this country and the people”, it was said in Vucinic’s statement.

He added that CPC has also sent a statement to the Basic Court in Podgorica that it has an interest to join the lawsuit as an intervener on the side of the Centre of Contemporary Art against the Belgrade Patriarchate, in respect of property rights over the church of St. Demetrius – the chapel of Petrovics.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro