CPC will not provoke incidents

Metropolitan of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church (CPC) Mihailo said that incidents in Bijelo Polje will not prevent him to participate in the public debate on the draft law on freedom of religion, which was planned for tomorrow in Kotor.

At today’s press Mihailo said that the Montenegrin Orthodox Church (CPC) will be represented at the hearing in Kotor, but also in Podgorica.

“We will have representatives at public hearings in Kotor and Podgorica. I can assure you that members of the CPC will not cause any incident”, said Metropolitan Mihailo.

He reiterated that the CPC in principle agrees with the proposed draft law. He also announced that the Legal Team of CPC will specify and submit objections to the relevant Ministry in the next few days.

Mihailo said that gathered citizens in Bijelo Polje, but also the surrounding cities, who have been chosen by Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) and its clergy and instructed by “two Serbian bishops Amfilohije and Joanikije”, were misused “in order to resolve their political program by opposing the draft law.”

“Serbian clericalism appeared in its true form this time, too. Without arguments, with verbal terror, it invoked and was prepared for physical violence”, said Metropolitan Mihailo.

A member of the legal team of CPC Nikola Belada said that the state has a huge task in the whole story regarding the draft law.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro