CRBC tunnelling into Vjeternik from one side, Bemax from the other

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Works on the first section of the Bar – Boljare highway in the last few days have clearly intensified. Workers have begun building the Moracica bridge and piers, the main of which will be 158m high. Also, all preparatory works necessary for the start of the tunnelling work into the Vjeternik hill have been completed.

At the site, various machines are working non-stop and a large number of workers can be seen at different locations engaged in various activities. The largest number of workers can be seen at the spot where the most demanding structure of the first highway section, the Moracica bridge, will be built. Drilling is currently underway and the concrete foundation is being laid upon which the columns of the bridge will be built.

Preparatory works for the Vjeternik tunnel have also been completed. Dnevne Novine newspaper learns that this work will involve boring into Vjeternik from both sides.

The preparatory works for the construction of the Vjeternik tunnel have also been completed. According to multiple sources of Dnevne Novine, the tunnelling will be performed from both sides of the Vjeternik hill. The main contractor, the Chinese company China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) will start boring into hill from one side, whereas Montenegrin construction company Bemax will be boring from the other side.

Three shifts

Due to the volume of work expected on the Moracica Bridge and Vjeternik tunnel, construction on this priority section will most likely be carried out in three shifts.

The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism has recently issued construction permits for the bridge and the tunnel – the most demanding structures on the priority section.

Estimated speed on the first section of the highway is 100km/h and travel time between Podgorica and Kolasin is shortened from the current hour and 30 minutes to just 25 minutes. The works officially began on 11 May 2015 and are expected to be completed by 11 May 2019.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro