Crimonal charges over the ban to Dzomic to enter Montenegro

Archpriest Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral Velibor Džomić tried to return to Montenegro, but a police official said he was not allowed to enter the country. His lawyer, Zoran Piperović, announced that it will file criminal charges against several officials of the Ministry of Interior (MOI), who did not allow Džomić to enter Montenegro.

Piperović explained that the charges will be filed for the abuse of power and disregard of the Administrative Court decisions, which had previously adopted Dzomic’s request and issued an interim measure that granted him to stay in Montenegro until the completion of an administrative dispute.

He explained that the charges will be filed because the officials at the border crossing Vracenovici “prevented Dzomic to enter Montenegro, on the basis of a verbal order”.

The offense was committed, he said, when one of the border police officer said Dzomic to wait in his car for half an hour after Džomić showed him the court’s decision that he could enter the territory of Montenegro.

After that, Piperovic explained, police officer returned and said to Dzomic that he could not enter Montenegro: “I have a verbal command to impose entry ban”.

The clerk, as he said, asked to copy court order.

“People who have done so, and the Prosecutor’s Office has to determine who is this person who told the officer over the phone that Dzomic could not enter Montenegro, made the criminal offense for which they should go to jail,” said Piperović, adding that the verbal commands after judicial decisions are the “savagery” and not a legal state.

Dzomic previously left Montenegro because of the MUP decision not to extend the temporary residence permit for reasons of national security. After that the Constitutional Court allowed Dzomic to return to the country until the completion of an administrative dispute.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro