Crisis in Montenegro deeper


The Demos leader Miodrag Lekic demanded a clear position on the country’s political crisis from international addresses that were formally and fundamentally involved in relations with Montenegro.

Lekic stressed that the unsustainable situation in Montenegro requires an adequate response from all democratic forces in the country.

“It also requires a clear position of international addresses, especially those that are formally and fundamentally involved in relations with Montenegro,” the Demos said.

The leader of the party has indicated that what is strove for often is stabilicracy, instead of genuine democracy.

“The risk of being hostages to stability, together with a deep economic crisis, corruption and crime, threatens to cement the status quo in a country, which leads to unpredictable and very risky consequences,” Lekic said.

During the meeting of the Demos Municipal Committee in Mojkovac, Ema Pungartnik was elected the new president in that city.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro