Croatia to cut import taxes?

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After at yesterday’s meeting in Sarajevo with ministers of Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia it was concluded that Croatia should urgently abolish discriminatory provisions, BiH trade minister Mirko Sarovic today held talks with Croatian Minister of Agriculture Tomislav Tolusic.

It was agreed that taxes would be reduced, but it was not agreed how much, the Sarajevo media reported.

Portal Klix has reported that it could based upon the European average.

Croatia imposed measures on Inspection, Control and Conformity of Fruit and Vegetables with Market Standards, increasing the fees for inspection supervision from 12 Euros to 270Euros.

That is why Ministers of BiH, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia – Mirko Sarovic, Rasim Ljajic, Dragica Sekulic and Ljupco Nikolovski met yesterday in the BiH Parliament building and signed a joint letter sent to the European Commission, while calling on Croatia to lift the discriminatory provisions urgently.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro