Croatia will ratify the Protocol promptly

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Minister of Foreign and EU Affairs of Croatia Miro Kovač spoke at today’s session of the Government of this country, and presented a draft of the law on ratification of Montenegro’s Accession Protocol to NATO.

Kovač said that Croatia strongly supports further expansion of NATO.


“We especially support Montenegro’s membership in NATO because it will contribute to stability in the region”, he said.

At the meeting of ministers of foreign affairs of NATO, on May 19th 2016 in Brussels, the Protocol on Accession of Montenegro was signed.

By passing the Law on ratification, Croatia will contribute to creating conditions for Montenegro to join NATO.

He said there is an interest for Croatia to push the ratification as soon as possible.

So far, the Protocol was ratified by Iceland, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Albania and Bulgaria.

White House has started the process of ratification by sending a note to American Senate.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro