Croatia would EPCG, CGES in Serbia

Montenegrin energy sector has been the focus of interest in the region for months, and in addition to that Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said that the Electric Power Industry of Serbia “bought 11 percent of shares of the Montenegrin electric transmission”(CGES).

This news, paradoxically, was more presented in the media in Croatia and Serbia than in Montenegro.

Probably because so far there is no indication that the Serbian government stepped in CGES with 11 percent. The Montenegrin Government does not know anyhing about this.

Croatian business daily said that the takeover of EPCG is a political rather than a business issue, because the one who buys the EPCG would be in a significant advantage in the race for energy leader in the region. Croatia has openly shown interest in taking over 41.74 percent of EPCG from Italian partner A2A and Croatian Minister Ivan Vrdoljak, had a series of preliminary meetings regarding this issue.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro