Croats and Albanians ask for positions in the Government

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Croats are looking for a position in the Government, as a condition for joining the government of the mandate candidate Dusko Markovic,President of Croat Civic Iniciative (HGI) Marija Vučinović, confirmed to Radio Montenegro. Albanians are also seeking the positions in the Government said Nazif Cungu from the coalition “Albanians resolutely” to Radio Montenegro after the meeting with the PSD’s candidate for the mandate Dusko Markovic.

“I informed Mr. Markovic that we are in the stage of preparing a common platform with the Croats and Albanians, and we will present the document when it is done.”

Asked if he would reply to the offer of the opposition and talk with them about forming the government, Cungu said that, as the leader of the party, he did not get a call or letter from the opposition,and due to that he couldn’t comment on that.’’ Earlier today HGI’s President Marija Vucinović said that Croats wanted a position in the government. The news on possibility of forming the ministry for diaspora, Croats have heard from the media, but welcomed the idea, “Vucinovic said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro