Czech Republic to ratify Montenegro’s accession in the fall

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The Czech Republic will sign ratification of Montenegro’s Accession Protocol for NATO this autumn, as the country’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lubomir Zaoralek, confirmed in a statement to Pobjeda daily, stressing that the Czech Republic has been supporting Montenegro’s integration path since the very beginning.

“There will be no problems with ratification of the Accession Protocol, it is merely a technical matter, because all parties in the Czech Republic support the integration of Montenegro. I don’t know yet the exact date, but I can assure you that everything is going just fine and that the ratification will happen by autumn”, said Zaorálek.

Czech Foreign Minister stressed that he was pleased with Montenegro’s success, noting that the Czech Republic has very old, traditional and friendly relations with Montenegro.

“Our political ties are very close and we don’t have any problems. We have very good contacts at all levels. We fully support Montenegro’s integration into EU and NATO membership”, said the Czech Foreign Minister.

He reminded that the Czech Republic joined NATO in 1999 and that it supports the open door policy of the Alliance. He said joining the Alliance before EU is also very important, for a number of important reasons, explaining that Montenegro’s membership will bring strengthened stability to the entire region.

The Czech Republic will, according to him, support Montenegro on the road to the European Union as well.

“We share the same values ​​and we strongly support your membership in the EU. We are committed to the enlargement policy for the Western Balkans, and a fast one”, concluded the Czech Minister.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro