Czechs agreed: Block II TE Pljevlja will be built for 324 million euros

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Working team for implementation of the project Block II of the Thermal power plant Pljevlja, which consists of the representatives of the Government, Electric power company and Pljevlja coal mine, and representatives of the Czech company Skoda Praha agreed on the final price for the Project Block II. Skoda Praha commited to realize the project for the price of 324.5 million euros, in accordance with EWA and EPC contracts (Contract for development of the Main project and Contract for operational works) and parameters demanded by the tender.

Skoda accepted to respect all guaranteed conditions of EU standards for PC technology of coal buringn in TEP-II.

Within the plan are the best avaiable techniques (BAT), which include all measures of cleaning the waste gases in accordance with the DIRECTIVE 2010/75/EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 24 November 2010 on industrial emissions (Integrated pollution prevention and control): emission of SO2: up to 150mg/nm3, emission of NOx : up to 200 mg/nm3, emissions of dust:10 mg/nm3.

Also, Czech company confirmed that this offer includes the factory for selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxyde (SCR) in case of defining even more rigorous international standards that might occur in the future.

In June of 2013 13 invitation letters were sent out for delivering offers, and by the end of October the same year nine offers came, whose evaluation showed that the best qualifying offer was one from Czech company Skoda Praha, at 338.5 million euros.

After adoption of the bilateral contract between Montenegro and Czech Republic, and official confirmation of the contract by both sides, Working team will send all the documents to the Board of directors for approval, as the procedures require, and at the end of August this year the Board will send it to shareholders of EPCG as the supervising organ for adoption, which will mark the formal and legal acquiring of all of the conditions for signing the contract and beginning the operations for implementation of this Project.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro