Dacic: Serbia and Montenegro together again in the EU

First Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Ivica Dacic said in an interview to ‘’Pobjeda’’ that relations between Serbia and Montenegro are significantly better than in the previous period.

“I think that we should openly and friendy discuss about all the issues, solve it and be practical in this way. Of course, we would like to be together one day in the European Union,” said Dacic.

Speaking of outstanding issues between the two countries, Serbian Foreign Minister noted that the issue of direct payments should be resolved because everyone loses substantial funds by giving the commissions to the various commercial banks.

Serbian Deputy Prime Minister said it was difficult to find a compromise on dual citizenship because Montenegro is not in the mood for it.

He answered the question of whether the visit of Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic to United States can be interpreted as Serbia’s rapproachment to the West, since America’s support is needed on the road to the European Union, despite advocating good relations with Russia?

“I think this is just a continuation of our policy. We have several priorities in the area of foreign policy. The first is the entry of Serbia into the European Union, the second is the development of relations with major political actors in the international arena. These primarily include our traditional friends such as Russia, China and a number of countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America with which Serbia and former Yugoslavia had very friendly relations, but also relations with countries with whom we have had certain conflicts and clashes in the past. We believe that we also need to rebuild good relations with Germany, USA, France, Britain. And, of course, the fourth priority is the relationship in the region. I think in these two or three years, since the start of a coalition between Serbian Progressive Party and the Socialist Party of Serbia, led by Aleksandar Vucic and me, we have significantly changed the international position of Serbia. In this sense one should look at this visit,” Dacic said.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro