Dalibor Djuric, a member of Skaljari clan, killed in prison; burned Skoda car found in Rogami

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Prisoner Dalibor Djuric was shot by a sniper while he was walking in the prison yard of the Institute for the Enforcement of Criminal Sanctions (ZIKS), after which he died in the Clinical Centre, Dnevne Novine newspaper learns. Reportedly, police found a burned Skoda with Italian license plates in Podgorica suburb Rogami, which is associated with this murder.

Djuric was known as a member of the criminal gang, so-called Skaljari clan.

He served prison sentence in the ZIKS since 24 October 2014 for the criminal offense extortion and there is an ongoing trial for violent behaviour, which was postponed yesterday due to the absence of a witness.

Djuric and his friend Jovan Jovanovic were convicted for the criminal offense of extortion at the expense of Marjan Netzmeskala. They unlawfully seized Netzmeskala’s vehicle Mercedes A160 and the boat Phaeton in a local auto-service in Skaljari (a Kotor neighbourhood), using force and threats. The car and the boat were over €20,000 worth.

Djuric got two year prison sentence, whereas Jovanovic was sentenced to a year and six months in prison.

In addition to this crime, Djutric and Ivan Lopicic from Podgorica (who was later killed) were accused for violent behaviour against Bojan and Nemanja Boricic from Budva and Nikola Cenic from Kotor. The defendants reported to the police that they had been attacked and beaten by two unknown persons in Vinomania cafe in the old town of Kotor.

Djuric was target of attackers twice. In 2006, he was wounded in the attack in Kotor. Slobodan Stevovic (29) (who was later killed in Belgrade neighbourhood of Dorcol) was then suspected for shooting Djuric.

In September 2011, Djuric was injured in a bomb blast which was set up in the entrance of a building in Novi Beograd, a neighbourhood in Belgrade.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro