Damaged budget for more than two millions

Rozaje police department filed criminal charges against five employees of the Center for social work in the city on the suspicion that they damaged budget for more than two million Euros. In Niksic former director of the Design and Planning Agency of the Municipality, on suspicion that he damaged the budget by about 65 thousand Euros.

In Rozaje, criminal charges are filed against ZS (62), N. R. (55), A.M. (56), F. D. (32) and the A. D. (29), on suspicion of having committed the criminal offense of abuse of office.

“The prosecution and police actions, carried out in the past by order of the Basic State Prosecutor in Rozaje, led to the suspicion that in the past ten years these persons, working as authorized personal of the Centre for Social Work in Rozaje, by abusing the office and exceeding limits of authority for themselves or another illicitly earned a total of two million and 33 thousand Euros, which amount is also damaged the state budget, “said the adviser for public relations Tamara Popovic at the news conference.

In coordination with the competent prosecutor, police officers took measures and actions within their competence and revised 786 cases relating to persons who were beneficiaries of social benefits – the right to family and the right to child allowance, to which they had no right and which were subsequently abolished.

The police filed criminal charges against the former director of Niksic Design and Planning Agency, Z.S. (49), on suspicion that at the time when he was the public – municipal officer or director of the said agency, committed corruptive criminal offense of abuse of office.

“The prosecution – police activity appears to indicate that the Ž.S., abusing the office and exceeding the limits of official authority, in 2008 and 2009, for himself or another illicitly obtained illegal financial benefit in the amount of 65.264 Euros, ” said Popovic.

Police suspects that Z.S., as director of the Agency, when engaging the company for the preparation of the project – technical documentation for the construction of the Cultural Centre “18 The September” in Niksic, has not implemented the selection procedure for bidders in accordance with the Law on Public Procurement, but bypassing the legal procedures for a total value of services (project development) in the amount of 65.264 Euros engaged and concluded contracts with companies “Majaart & That” Ltd. Podgorica (59,999.99 Euros) and “Graling” Ltd. Niksic (5,265 Euros).

Izvor: RTV Montenegro