Damar: 46.1 percent of Montenegro in favor of NATO

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Regardless of whether they personally support NATO membership, 76.4 percent of citizens think Montenegro will become a member, says the latest survey by DAMAR agency conducted between June 26 and July 1, 2016. The poll also indicates a stable trend of rising support for NATO.

The survey representative for adult citizens of Montenegro showed that 46.1 percent of those questioned supports NATO membership.

On the other hand, 38.9 percent of respondents answered negatively to the question “Do you personally support the membership of our country in NATO?”, while 15 percent of citizens said they did not know.

To the question “How would you vote if a referendum on NATO membership is held?”, 45.9 percent of citizens said they would vote for membership, 38.4 percent would be against, and 15.7 percent would not participate in the vote.

DAMAR survey, however, suggests that, even if only the responses of citizens in favor of NATO would be taken into account, 54.5 percent would vote for membership, while 45.5 percent of citizens of Montenegro would vote against it.

This latest public opinion survey also confirms that since obtaining the invitation for membership in December, the support has been only rising.

All research conducted in this period shows that support for membership has stabilized at a level above 46 percent, with a well-defined and stable margin compared to those who do not support the Euro-Atlantic integration of Montenegro.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro