Damjanovic: Not to valorize natural resources would be a state crime

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It would be a kind of a state crime not to valorize coal in Pljevlja and Berane. We should prevent all attempts of obstruction in order for these two mines to be fully in function of valorization of the energy potential that they have, said Aleksandar Damjanovic, parliament member from SNP and president of the Parliament board for economy, and added that no sane person can be against investments in renewable energy sources.

In an interview to Pobjeda he said that he expects for works on the second block of the Thermal power plant in Pljevlja to begin very soon.

Damjanovic earlier criticized NGo’s and part of the media that were against the construction of the second block and are for investing in renewable sources.

Asked whether he expects the activities of those against the construction to increase or slow down their activities, Damjanovic said that the hypocrisy is obvious with those who are advocating renewable sources of energy but are against the construction of the second block, which is actually a replacement for the second block which will gradually be cosed.

„No sane person can be against investment in renewable sources, primarily in national hydroenergy objects, but also in using of sun energy via measures for improving efficiency in energy usage. However, not to valorize a natural resource, which was God given to Montenegro, such as coal in Pljevlja and Berane, would be a kind of a state crime”, he said.

Damjanovic thinks that it depends on the political will and estimations of strategic priorities of the country what and how should be done, but I leave the possibility open for some political factors not to feel the same way, but to have other plans.

„It is important that the public with expertise and citizens have the possibility of choice in making these big decisions, so they’re not made in behind the back deals, away from public’s eyes and at the expense of public interest”, concluded Aleksandar Damjanovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro