Damjanović to join Lekić

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Demos and Socialist People’s Party SNP will reach an agreement on coalition, it is heard in the part of SNP that supports Aleksandar Damjanović.

One of the officials of SNP said to Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily that the only question that remains is who will sign the agreement with Demos.

”Miodrag Lekić will be signing the agreement either with united SNP or Damjanović’s SNP”, the officials claims, adding that dialogue with Demos has been intensified lately.

The dialogue is being lead by Miodrag Lekić and Goran Danilović, according to information of Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily.

”They were not certain of who will join the coalition, but now they know that Aleksandar Damjanović is interested”, the source said.

Last two happenings in SNP confirm this epilogue. Selective gatherings of the members, disagreements over political moves and disoriented communication about the elections could lead to a new break in SNP, unless Milić’s and Damjanović’s followers don’t come together.

During their session on August 14th, Demos said that their decision on elections will be made within 10 days since the session.

Dialogue between Demos and SNP has started about a month ago, and Danilović had separate meetings with Milić and Damjanović.

Demos is pleased with their current support from the citizens, but it is not certain of its plans for opposition three, a coalition with URA and SDP. This is the reason that dialogue with SNP was initiated.

Danilović negotiating with both

Sources claim that Danilović spoke with both Milić and Damjanović due to the fact that SNP seems to be separated in two strong currents. Demos expects to reach some kind of an agreement with SNP nevertheless.

Milić and his followers believe that they can achieve a good result on the elections and even believe they could have a say in forming the new Government.

Official negotiations between Demos and SNP will mark the end of the possibility of coalition SDP Demos GP URA.

“Different views on the Government of electoral trust, and URA’s independent decision made the coalition senseless. URA and SDP coalition is also under question, seeing that their joining would not bring much benefit for either party”, it was said in the opposition recently.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro