Danilovic believes Kotor is an “arrested town”: Concrete results by Thursday

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Interior Minister Goran Danilovic said that the situation in Kotor was alarming, since the armed conflict between criminal groups continued over the weekend. Danilovic says if there are no concrete results in resolving those cases by Thursday, he will ask for reviewing responsibility of all people participating in the investigation.

According to the minister, Kotor is an “arrested town”. In order to change situation there, he requires results by the next government’s session scheduled for Thursday.

“KI will be satisfied if there is some progress by the government’s session – if there are some results of the cooperation between the prosecutor’s office, which is also very important for solving those cases, and the Police Directorate which the prosecutor’s office should receive relevant and high-quality information from”, said Danilovic.

If there are no concrete results by Thursday, at least the results that would be relevant to the prosecutor’s office, Danilovic will not only require investigation of the responsibility of the Kotor police officers and police management. He will also require the prosecutor’s office work to be under the scrutiny.

“If it is concluded that there was bad evidence, then we certainly have to determine our own responsibility. But I am also sure that the public would require some responses from those who are, under the new legislation, very important in these processes”, Danilovic said, adding that there would be no common results without the joint work between the police and the prosecutor’s office.

He said that the state was responsible for neglecting the situation in Kotor for ten years.

A new gunfight took place in Kotor on Friday, only a few hours after the police director Slavko Stojanovic sent special police unit to Kotor as a guarantee that there will be no new clashes.

Danilovic said that it was not possible to treat consequences of the neglected security situation and organised criminal groups in the town, was not possible without treating the causes.

“If people who are still at large (and everything is being done to provide evidence) are not brought to justice, nothing else can be a guarantee for us. Kotor must cease to be the centre of clashes between warring criminal gangs”, said Danilovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro