Danilović: Call center to prevent voters’ wanderings

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Free call center of Ministry of Interior Affairs, that became functional today, will decrease the number of people who do not know where is their polling station, said Minister Goran Danilović.

After visiting newly opened call center, Minister said that 15 young women will work there in two shifts from 7 am to 7 pm.

Danilović said that one of the main issues of the upcoming elections is migration of voters.

He invited media, institutions and NGO sector to help the number 19820 come alive, so voters’ wanderings on the day of the elections would be prevented.

“Calls to this number are free from any service network. By calling, stating your full name, social security number or date of birth, one can immediately get an information regarding their polling station”, Danilović said.

He added that everyone will be able to do this until the polling stations are closed on Sunday October 16th, should the service prove to effective by then.

“We expect this service to decrease the number of those who do not know their place on the voters’ list”, Danilović said.

He reminded of the website biraci.me, but it was their belief that only a small fraction of voters has the habit of using internet for these purposes.

Speaking of identification cards, Danilović said that they have already stated what they believed could pose an issue.

“DIK, however, said that this was not an issue. Personally, I disagree, and we may be subject to appeals, but everyone should carry their own responsibility”, he said.

He claims with conviction that the French experts were right.

“We have the confirmation that our ID cards are not biometric from the former minister as well. We hardly need further proof”, Danilović said.

He said that they sent to DIK the transcript from the meeting with French experts, in which one of them, Nikolas Kosovski, claims that IDs are not, in fact, biometric.

Speaking of the voters’ list, Danilović said that it is subject to change every day, due to its dynamic nature.

“I will not sign anything”, he said, adding that they are closely monitoring anything that can be a subject of suspicion.

He said that they are not able to right all the wrongs during such a short time.

“We are pleading with citizens to help with making the voters’ list clean. However difficult and painful it may be, you must do your citizen’s’ duty and notify the authorities of deaths in the family”, Danilović said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro