Danilovic: I will join Lekic

A former official of the New Serbian Democracy and the Democratic Front (DF), Goran Danilovic, has announced today that he will join Demos, a new political party of Miodrag Lekic .

At the press conference, Danilovic told that “he and a group of people who is with him” will join Demos.

“I hope we’ll be seeing each other in increasing numbers – united in Demos with Mr. Lekic, because we have a right to the future”, Danilovic said.

He said to his former colleagues from Nova and DF that he believes they would “meet somewhere at the end of this road” because everyone, as he assessed, have the same goal.

“I want to thank all the people from the party who have followed us. We know that we share the same political confluence”, Danilovic concluded.

Former NOVA MP and the MP in the Assembly of the Capital, Goran Radonjic, said that it was one of the easiest decisions “that we brought in politics”.

At the press it was announced that 30 members along with Danilovic, joined Demos.

Stating that it was not easy to leave NOVA, a former member of that party from Bar, Sasa Rakocevic said that “when it comes to politics, I first think as the opposition”.

“I think that the last thing that had to be changed in the DF was Lekic”, he said.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro