Danilovic launches disciplinary procedure against Stojanovic because of police coup!

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Interior minister Goran Danilovic will initiate disciplinary procedure against the police director Slavko Stojanovic because the police concealed information that Aluminium Plant (KAP) workers’ intrusion into the Parliament was being prepared.

I will initiate disciplinary procedure against the police director, since I have not been informed about the preparation of something called the attempt of forced entering the Parliament. There was no communication between the police director and the minister, which is why I failed to prevent certain things. I had to know that possible violent entering the Parliament was prepared. This is the straw that broke the camel’s back because I have already noticed a number of Stojanovic’s mistakes”, Danilovic said at an extraordinary press conference in the interior ministry.

Therefore, he requested a meeting with Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic.

“If there is something the minister and the government do not know, then there is a police coup”, he said.

On the other hand, Danilovic indirectly accused MP Janko Vucinic of abusing KAP workers when he invited them to try to enter the Parliament by force, which is illegal.

“Today, the police had to act in accordance with the law. The workers were also aware of that. I am calling on the workers to come to the ministry and discuss the issue. They must not allow to be used for pre-election fights. I cannot understand an MP who calls on citizens to enter the Parliament by force”, Danilovic said.

Therefore, as Danilovic added, all of this means that both DPS and DF have something against him personally, although he did not directly mentioned them.

“I bother them as a minister in charge of the electoral roll or as competition. My message is that I have patience and will not make a single move because of which either of them will be glad”, Danilovic said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro