Danilović reacted to Katnić’s statement: Let’s expose them!

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Minister of Interior Affairs Goran Danilović reacted to yesterday’s statement of Special State Prosecutor Milivoje Katnić on attempts to undermine and compromise prosecutors. He invited state institutions to give their contribution in exposing those involved in such activities.

„You could say that criminals will be criminals. However, it is of utmost importance that the state does its job“, Danilović said for Radio Free Europe.

Danilović believes that any obstruction to assessing the truth in Special Prosecutor’s statements is akin to being an accomplice in organized crime.

„Special State Prosecutor needs to explain no more. Those in charge and responsible to give support and expose those who try to interfere in the work of justice system can be handled by the Government, the Parliament, the Prosecution, ANB”, Danilović said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro