Danilovic: Šuković’s attacker unknown, the media announce coalitions they favor

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Interior Minister, Goran Danilovic, said that finding the identity of the person who wounded Predrag Šuković is a priority for the police, but that at this point, the perpetrator remains unknown.

Danilovic does not dispute the right of the media to speculate about his identity, but does not wish to engage in speculation himself, as he said in an interview for Antena M news agency.

Regarding headlines stating the coalition of Demos, URA and SDP is a done deal, Danilovic said ”the media reports that what they want to be true, or that what they desire”. He also said he’s been ready to leave the government ever since he entered it, but that going out is not his political goal.

He added the fact that a “fairly decent” surveillance video actually shows the perpetrator of the attack on Mr. Sukovic, former Chief of the Department for organized crime, and that despite this, his identity remains unknown, is “a challenge and a glove thrown in the face of the country by the organized crime cartel”. He says it is a message that no one is safe nowhere, even in the middle of the day, and that the case will either “make or break” the authorities.

Some media outlets have suggested that the attack of Šuković had something to do with his legal dispute with Deputy Prime Minister, Dusko Markovic. Minister said he talked with Mr. Sukovic, who told him he has but a couple of enemies in Podgorica. Minister added he will let the authorities do their investigation.

He also said, on the account of recent shootings in Kotor, that this town is peaceful at the moment, but that organized criminal groups will not lay dormant for long. They need to be prosecuted if Kotor is to be permanently safe, he added.

Regarding the agreement with A2A, Danilovic said the next few months have to be all about negotiations and cooperation, and that DPS surely knows this too.

“We cannot outvote one another when it comes to projects of national interests. We need to protect our country. This is not blackmail, it is an obligation. Much has been invested in mutual trust and whoever plays with it will have to bear responsibility for all the consequences.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro