Danilovic: The story is not finished

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New Interior Minister Goran Danilovic announced that at the session of the Government he will actualize the announcement of the cash rewards for information on the murder of chief editor of daily Dan Dusko Jovanovic.

12 years since the murder of Jovanovic passed today and Danilovic laid flowers at the spot where the chief editor of Dan was killed.

“Not only that this theme is not finished, but it only begins. I’m trying to come to a decision that was once made in 2004 to give a reward for any information that may help in the investigation. But I still can’t come to this decision,” Danilovic told reporters.

He announced that he would take the opportunity to raise the issue at the Government session and ask to renew the proposal on the award.

Danilovic said that no minister of the interior or the prime minister “can be unconcerned until the case is enlighten.”

“Any future interior minister should know that this is the place that should be visited, without trying to be abused in any way. If we ignore this day there is something wrong with our country,” said Danilovic.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro