Danilovic: There will be suspensions in MUP due to obstructions

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Minister of internal affairs Goran Danilovic announced that there will be suspensions in upcoming days in this institution due to obstructions.

“The fact that there are political turbulences on political scene doesn’t mean that I will allow, regardless of how long I’ve been here, any attempt of politization in MUP. I would like to announce that because of an attempt to abuse a politically complex situation and obstruct election process, there will be discipliniary procedures and suspensions because it is inexcusable for anyone from MUP to follow other policies than those of the very MUP”, said Danilovic.

The responsible persons will soon be publicly exposed.

“Decisions of the minister must be implemented in full capacity. There are many professionals here and I am grateful to them for taking their job seriously and leaving politics out of it. But to those who believe that political position is more important than the law, I would like to send a message that they won’t get away with it”, said Danilovic.

Asked by the journaists of the position of Demos regarding the exit from the government if the A2A contract is approved, Danilovic refused to answer.

“Today you’re here in MUP and you won’t get the answer because it would be rude. I am here today as the minister of internal affairs. I have my opinion on the issue and I will say it at the party organs, but I will not abuse the position in MUP for promoting my personal opinions”, concluded Danilovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro