Danilović to remain in the Government, GP URA might leave

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Leaders of SDP, Demos and GP URA Ranko Krivokapić, Miodrag Lekić and Žarko Rakčević have not yet reached an agreement on leaving the Government, Pobjeda learns from different opposition sources.

The reason is Goran Danilović’s assessment of the situation in the Ministry of Interior Affairs – he believes there is still work to be done in preparation for elections.

Danilović’s attitude was presented by leader of Demos Miodrag Lekić at the meeting of opposition three. He said there is unfinished business in voters’ lists and control of election process.

“We need to improve the results in the Government of electoral trust”, Lekić supposedly said.

Rakčević announced their departure should the Parliament pass the draft of a new contract with A2A.

Minister of Interior Affairs Goran Danilović announced suspensions in his Ministry, avoiding to make a statement on Demos leaving the Government.

“You cannot get an answer today, not because I do not have, but because it would be rude. I am here as a Minister, for the citizens, not for the opposition three. I have my attitude but I will voice it in coordination with president of my party and within party structures, and I think I should not abuse my function to voice that attitude”, Danilović said.

According to him, turbulences on the political scene will not interfere with the work of the Ministry.

“I can make a responsible claim and announce that political manipulation attempts will be processed and those doing it in the Ministry suspended”, Danilović said.

He will soon announce the names.

GP URA might leave due to A2A contract

Pobjeda source said that the ministers of this party would leave if the Parliament passed A2A contract.

We will leave the Government regardless of Demos and SDP attitudes. It is clear that we have different opinions on these matters, and we will be in respect of ours, the source said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro