Danilovic tried to organize a coup


Demos leader Miodrag Lekic said that a group of Demos officials led by Goran Danilovic tried to organize a coup with “a manipulative-provincial performance”, with the aim of breaking up and, if possible, taking over the party.

He acknowledges that there were differences in the party from the beginning.

“In Demos, there were differences before, from political views to the style of action, which to a certain extent should exist in the democratic parties. It was also evident that individuals with formed ideological profiles from the previous parties have difficulty adjusting to modern, civic, emancipatory norms on which Demos was formed,” Lekic said in an interview with ‘’Dan’’.

He said he showed great patience and tolerance, “trying to integrate all differences into a whole that would be functional.” He said that his recent attempts to uphold the president of the executive board Goran Danilovic in accordance with the norms of collective labor and responsibility, which he has on the basis of the statute and rules of the party, came to a negative response.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro