Danilovic will form a coordination team to monitor elections

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Interior Minister Goran Danilovic is to form a coordinating team for monitoring the implementation of the ministry’s obligations related to holding free and fair elections.

At a press conference, he said that, according to the Law on State Administration, he has the right to form a coordination team for monitoring the implementation of the Interior Ministry’s obligations arising from the Law on Electoral Roll and the Law on Election of Councillors and MPs in order to conduct free and fair elections.

Danilovic said he had submitted the proposal to the Parliament according to which he nominated five representatives of five the largest Parliament’s caucuses. He added that the proposal was also sent to the three non-governmental organisations that participated in drafting the electoral legislation and the State Election Commission (DIK).

“Therefore, in addition to the ministry’s representatives, we will have a coordination body that will be different in terms of its composition and work and will include 15 members”, he said.

Danilovic said he required replies to the nominated members to be sent by Friday in order to start working as soon as possible.

“I am sure this is just one of the things that we will do on raising public awareness when it comes to the monitoring the way Interior Ministry is keeping electoral register and that the political parties and civil society will assist us”, said Danilovic.

He said that he required the competent authorities to submit information on whether the Ministry of Interior had recently purchased rubber bullets and that he was informed that the last procurement of 1,000 pieces this specific ammunition had been made on 20 July 2014.

He said that he had sent a notice to the police director Slavko Stojanovic, according to which the use of rubber bullets was banned “since using of these types of means was not prescribed by the applicable law”.

“Unfortunately, I cannot fix what happened, but I will try to prevent what might happen. As of today, the official position of the Police Directorate would be that the use of rubber bullets is forbidden”, Danilovic said.

Danilovic also said that the Ministry of Interior owned over 900 vehicles and believes that the border police and criminology sectors should be fully equipped.

“Everyone will have to give up the surplus and comfort, which is unacceptable, including me as a minister if that is necessary”, he said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro