Darmanovic: Brexit will not affect relations in NATO

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Ambassador of Montenegro in Washington Dr Srdjan Darmanovic emphasized in a conversation with Pobjeda that it’s early to make conclusions about Brexit consequences, but that it’s possible that NATO is one of those structures that will not be affected by this event.

White House iniated the process of ratification of the protocol for accession of Montengro to NATO and submitted a note to US Senate.

President of USA Barack Obama emphasized in his note that full ratification from USA and its allies will enable Montenegro to become a member of the Northatlantic contract and a member of NATO.

Darmanovic explained that very important role in this belings to president’s Committee for foreign affairs; his recommendation for ratification is highely valued. After approvement of this committee, Senate is deciding about ratification by two thirds of the present senators.

Asked whether Obama’s move can be interpreted as a message to other members of NATO, Darmanovic said that the Alliance is a union of strong and independent countries which make their own decisions on when and if they will ratify some international agreement.

“In our case, several countries already ratified the protocol without waiting for USA or any other member. But we should be realistic. USA’s position on any issue within NATO has great weight and importance, so this should also be considered when interpeting Obama’s move”, concluded Darmanovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro