Decision of the Constitutional Court unquestionable

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Representative of Montenegro before the European Court in Strasbourg Valentina Pavlicic said that she does not see anything controversial in the Constitutional Court’s decision that the reduction of benefits to mothers with three or more children was constitutional.

She said that the beneficiaries of compensation, before their case comes before the European Court of Human Rights, should exhaust all “effective legal remedies in Montenegro”.

“The Constitutional Court has reached its decision by performing an abstract control of the legality of a particular legal act and I do not see anything objectionable in this area. Such a decision can not be the subject of a separate remonstrance before the European Court of Human Rights,” said Pavlicic for Television of Montenegro.

She pointed out that certain individual solutions that are assigned to specific categories of social protection and which have ended their legal road in the national rankings could be the subject of the remonstrance before the court in Strasbourg.

“And if a certain category of persons, or mothers, or those who receive the child benefits, are not satisfied with such solutions”, said Pavlicic.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro