Decision regarding NATO will be made in accordance with the Constitution

Statement by Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Montenegro Andrei Nesterenko on how the decision on Montenegro’s membership in NATO, is not on the track of good diplomatic practice and it could reasonably be interpreted as interference in the internal affairs of Montenegro, says the statement of the office of the President of Parliament, Ranko Krivokapic.

In an interview for the Dan Nesterenko said that the decision on Montenegro’s membership in NATO should be made with the use of democratic procedures that provide consideration of the opinion of the population, rather than through administrative and others, such as parliamentary decisions.

Krivokapic’s cabinet sent a message that Montenegro is a sovereign state that has its own constitution and laws, which are the only means to regulate questions of Montenegro’s membership in international organizations.

“The Parliament of Montenegro is constitutionally empowered to take a decision on full membership of Montenegro in NATO alliance, and nobody has the right to dispute it if respecting the will of the citizens of Montenegro and its constitution,” the statement said.

It is pointed out that Montenegro is committed to building the best bilateral relations with Russia, but that any suggestions from the outside about how Montenegro should make decisions concerning the direction of its state policy, including the way of accession to NATO, were unacceptable

Izvor: RTV Montenegro