Dedeic: If the SNP does not mind cooperating with Zukorlic, it will not mind cooperating with Serbs either

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The president of the Serb List Dobrilo Dedeic says that his party had an unofficial but direct communication on possible coalition with a member of the “troika” SNP-Demos-URA, whereas it exchanged the views on these options with the others.

“In order for officials and activists of the Serb List to avoid waiting for the parties of ‘troika’ to chose a moment for a deal with us and other smaller parties, I sent letters to the leaders of ‘troika’ on Monday and suggested defining the modalities of a broad coalition as soon as possible”, Dedeic told Dnevne Novine newspaper.

Asked whose answer he expects, Dedeic said SNP and Srdjan Milic.

“Everything else would be a conflict between SNP leadership and its voters’ emotions and expectations. Of course, we do not have the ambition simply to help URA, Demos and SNP. We are interested to do our best for the success of the opposition, but just as the Bosniak Democratic Union (BDZ), we will insist on parliamentary status. No less, no more than that”, the leader of the Serb List said.

Dedeic added that if the Mufti Muamer Zukorlic can be in coalition with Aleksandar Vucic in Serbia and if the Serbian Democratic Party can be in alliance with the Party of Democratic Action in Bosnia-Herzegovina, he does not see why the Serb List would deny BDZ’s political right to exist in the political life of Montenegro.

“Every kind of technical partnership with those who want the state of both the citizens and the nations is always possible. Serbs and Muslims are not enemies in Montenegro, but the people who share the same living space and they have to fight not to be deprived by the state in the economic sphere and not to be treated in a discriminatory manner in terms of respecting collective rights”, he said.

Commenting on the fact that there were Serbs in SNP and Demos, Dedeic pointed out that it was only an additional argument for a broad coalition.

“It is true that there are both Serbs and Montenegrins in SNP and Demos. However, these parties are neither Montenegrin nor Serbian, but civic parties of social justice. If you use that logic, there are a significant number of Bosniaks and Albanians in URA, but again they do not mind cooperating with BDZ as the primary representative of the Bosniak national community. Then why Serbs from SNP or Demos should be bothered by Serb List, which would be the primary representative of the interests of the Serbian community within the coalition? If DF gathered parties of Montenegrin and pro-Serb orientation, as well as communists, socialists and labour parties, and those parties were not bothered by Bosniak and Albanian flags in the protests, I do not see why anyone in the alliance SNP–Demos–URA would be bothered by mind the presence of the Serbs in the coalition”, Dobrilo Dedeic said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro