Dedovic: Preparations for parliamentary elections should start right away

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Local elections in Tivat showed that organization and realization of the next parliamentary elections will be the biggest challenge for election’s administration since the multi-party system started in Montenegro, said Vlado Dedovic, member of State election commission.

„Preparational activities have to start right away, in order to use the time until elections for a high quality preparation and training of the members of local electoral commissions and electoral boards”, said Dedovic to agency MINA.

According to him, if we remember that on previous elections there were 1.162 voting places with over 20 thousand people involved in local electoral administration, then the public can sort of grasp how big the challenge is in front of the public institutions for organizing upcoming elections, primarily State election commission and Ministry of Internal affairs.

„Electoral process in Tivat was organized in accordance with the new electoral laws, but there were some difficulties caused by electronic identification of voters”, said Dedovic.

It seems so, as he said, that presidents of electoral boards and their deputies should have been trained better for the use of the devices for electronic identification of voters.

Dedovic added that a significant number of changes in voting procedure at the voting place and outside of it needs to be better presented to all representatives of local electoral commissions and boards.

According to him, it’s also problematic that there as a significant number of voters whose voting place has been changed. “On local elections in Tivat there was a large number of voters whose voting place has been changed due to changes in voters registration lists”.

„Considering the fact that this number will be tens of thousands of voters nationally institutions have to notify these citizens in advance about this circumstance and take all actions necessary in order to inform them about their voting place”, said Dedovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro