Dedović: The process of ratification will increase the support for NATO

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Process of ratification of the Accession Protocol of Montenegro to NATO will surely influence a slight growth in support for NATO in the national public sphere, said director of Alfa Center Aleksandar Dedović.

He thinks that countries racing to be the first to ratify the Protocol in their parliaments must bring certainty about Montenegro being seen as stable and modern society.

“On the other hand, we are pleased to see that no country saw ratification as in issue. We seem to have good and great friends, but no enemies”, Dedović said to MINA Agency.

He said that it is obvious that countries in the region have been euphoric to announce they would be the first to ratify Montenegro’s Protocol.

According to him, diplomatic messages should be clear even to those without political knowledge.

“Reforms in security, intelligence and defense sectors are being finalized, and it seems that the state of law has started using mechanisms that make the rule of law reforms enough to pass the mark”, Dedović said.

Dedović said that the research of public opinion shows that the beginning point has not changed a lot.

He said that it is interesting that every research has a question – Do you believe that Montenegro will beome a member of NATO.

“I have been carefully monitoring the numbers and percentages on this question, and I was never clear how strangely this number varies compared to others, in that it is largely affirmative”, Dedović said.

“Current happenings at the political scene, reconstruction of the Government, new President of the Parliament, they point to the mobilization of pro NATO forces that I believe will win the autumn elections and take responsibility of making a decision on NATO membership”, Dedović said.

He said that the matter of NATO membership will be a top priority in political agendas for the elections.

“Upcoming elections will be, in a way, a test to see public’s opinion on NATO membership”, Dedović concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro